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Replacing a gear motor - Milnor part number 39F1923AN
64058 Dryer Gear Motor Tech Note

The gear ratio of the replacement Baldor gear motor and Motovario gear motor is possibly different than the gear motor used in the past. If you are replacing a gear motor then you must adjust the inverter output frequency at 100% output if the gear ratio is not a perfect match. The speed of the basket is critical to proper dryer function. Please do not neglect this detail!

If using the GPD315 inverter, constant N011 must be programmed to match Note 2 on the contants sheet. If using the V1000 inverter, constant A1-03 must be programmed to match Note 2 on the constants sheet. Further fine tuning of the these constants may be needed to perfectly match the speeds of the adjacent dryers. Constant N061, if using a GPD 315 inverter, or constant H3-04 is using a V1000 can also be adjusted after adjusting N011 or A10-03 if needed to match the speed as shown on the constant sheet provided with the machine and posted on the internet at in the Technical Knowledge Base.

The sprocket needed for the Baldor gear motor 39F1923CN should match the Motovario 39F1923AN (Motovario PN CH042). These use A 1
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