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Rod Replacement

Press rod (column) replacement guidelines
Single Stage Press Column
The attached file GHG10011 gives the torque procedure and values for the columns. You will need a hydraulic nut to achieve these torque values. The hydraulic nut is rented under part number KYSSRCHYN1.

You should send a eyebolt and cap with the kit so that you can pick up the rods. The parts for needed for the MP15 & MP 16 are X7 10387 & 17A054A, for the MP1A send parts X7 10587A & 17A122.

When replacing a column order one kit KYSSRC0000. It contains the items that are common to all press models.
Then look at the attached Press Column Ref Sht. These are the items that are specific to each press model. For some press models (MP1603, MP1604, and the MP1A50), you will need the measurement from the top of the bottom plate to the bottom of the top plate inside the press structure to determine the right rod, spool, spacer, and tie rod bracket.

A complete rod will then contain the kit and components from the Press Column Ref Sht.

Lastly multiply based on the number of columns that are being replaced.

Parts Warranty on a rod is 100% up to 5 years, 80% to 6 years, 60% to 7 years, 40% to 8 years, 20% to 9 years and at year 10 no warranty.

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