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Flat Panel Display

DCUL3 Replaced by DCUL7
This display is utilized on many of our machines, washer / extractors, and single stage press.

The DCUL3 is obsolete and replaced with DCUL7 (EC66FPDVA). The software also has to change to WUWEMK6A.

As for the connections - the connections physically should be the same - however some machines are using 5 volts and the display has to be 12 volts. You would pull the old display and look at the white 6 pin connector with 6 wires ( 1- 4 serial, 5 ground, and 6 is voltage). This may be hanging on a harness. Either way check the voltage on wire 6 and see if it is 12 or 5 volts. If 12 volts the new display should install with no changes. If it is 5 volts you would need to move this wire and connect it to a 12 volt bus in the back of the machine.

Last updated: 10/23/2013 / Node ID: 1974 / Key Chain: 12.1.7B6.