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This section contains information to help you use FLS
A note about attachments:

Many nodes in the tree have file attachments to accompany the text. The attachments are typically photos, schematics, and charts.

Some attachments can be viewed using an internal viewer (within the FLS program). To view these, click on the attachment. The window will pop up, showing you the file. If you want to print the file, click "launch" to launch the application, then use the application's print command.

Other attachments are in .pdf (portable document file) format. These files are denoted by a paper clip on the attachment bar and are viewed in the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a runtime file viewing utility. Reader allows you to zoom in and out, print the entire file, or print a selection of a file.

To view the .pdf files, you must have Reader installed on your PC. The attachment to this node is a self extracting zip file of the installation program. To install Reader, click on the attachment bar below. The installation program will begin. Accept all defaults. Once this is installed, you will be able to view any attachment.

NOTE: Print quality is generally much better than viewing quality. If your attachments look "fuzzy" on the screen, try printing the attachment.
Last updated: 11/16/2006 / Node ID: 8 / Key Chain: 12.1.8.