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How do I add a Reactor to eliminate noise interference with door security sys
Occasionally the frequency of the inverter drive can cause problems with the RF door security systems like those at some nursing homes.

When this problem is encountered the following procedure should be followed:

Key Words: EMI, noise, interference
1. First try to lower the carrier frequency on the inverter. Enter the programming menu of the inverter and lower the CARRIER FREQUENCY. As an example, the 30022H8J leaves the factory may have a carrier frequency of 2. Lower it to 1 and test the machine. If that does not work, raise it to 7 (synchronous). One of these should work.
2. If the procedure in step 1 above helped in wash speeds but extract speed still causes a problem then a reactor and ferrite beads may have to be added. A reactor and ferrite beads are an OPTION that will have to be purchased from the local dealer. The reactor should first be added on the output of the inverter. The wires from the reactor should be passed through the ferrite beads in 1 loop. If the problem still occurs the reactor and ferrite beads may have to be moved to the input side of the inverter.

3. The installation of a filter capacitor may also be required to completely filter the inverter noise from the security system. This filter capacitor has four wires connected. One wire is connected to the bus ground and the other leads are connected to the L1, L2, & L3 terminals at the inverter.

The parts involved are:
09MX050A74 1 Reactor for all 30" machines.
09MX100A74 1 Reactor for all 36" and 42" machines
08AL4FERR 3 Ferrite Beads
09MVFILTR1 1 Filter Capacitor

You can also add shielded cable between the motor and inverter.
There are 2 kits.
The parts for 30" machines is KHRINVTRLV - INVERTER NOISE FILTER -30"
The parts for larger machines is KMINVTRNF - INVERTER NOISE FILTER -36/42
Both kits include instructions.

DAD 03/05/01

When connecting this kit on a single phase machine, cap off one of the yellow wires from the Filter Capicator and use only the L1 / T1 and L2 / T2 terminals of the RFI filter.
DAD 01/31/2011
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