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Milnor’s laundry equipment will save your laundry valuable resources by running more efficiently, while lowering your total operating costs. Milnor’s industrial washer-extractors are engineered to reduce your labor costs, save on linen replacement costs, save energy, save water, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Milnor’s washer-extractors and dryers will allow you to supply your healthcare customers with quality service and fresh, clean linen.

Save Water

Milnor CBW washers with PulseFlow technology achieve very low fresh water consumption – less than any other tunnel washer. Some large washer-extractors offer water reuse features to reduce your fresh water usage. With the patented RecircONE® pump arrangement, goods are immediately wetted and chemical equilibrium is quickly reached to ensure removal of stains.

Save Labor

With systems such as a PulseFlow® CBW® washer or a hands-free washer-extractor system, labor savings are achieved through automation. Often, one operator only is needed to load and/or monitor the system. For smaller laundries (with relatively small areas to work with) the compact design of the Short Concept allows you to install a laundry system based on the CBW washer.

Save on Linen Replacement Costs

On larger washer-extractors, high ribs are integral, not bolted, so there is no space for laundry to catch. Shorter process times in the PBW™ system mean less wear and tear on linen—and longer linen life.

Save Energy

One single speed inverter-driven motor on large open-pocket and smaller divided cylinder washer-extractors reduce peak load demands. The PBW™ system saves energy with inverters on all drive motors and volumetric pumps, lower wash temperatures, faster washing, and optional steamless washing. And Pass-Through dryers with special eco-options that kick in when production slows yet switch off when production demands increase means you’re properly balancing production and energy efficiency.

Save Money (Total Cost of Ownership)

There are many features designed into a Milnor PBW™ tunnel to reduce the total cost of ownership – saving you money for years AFTER your initial investment:

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel for components in contact with wash liquor
  • No seals below the water line
  • Rugged, Proven Frame
  • True Top Transfer
  • Support Worldwide
  • Long Machine Life
  • Feature Rich Machine

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