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Milnor’s laundry equipment will save your laundry valuable resources by running more efficiently, while lowering your total operating costs. Milnor’s industrial washer-extractors are engineered to reduce your labor costs, save on linen replacement costs, save energy, save water, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Milnor’s washer-extractors and dryers will allow your staff to provide exceptional service by providing fresh, clean towels to your members without any delays.

Save Water

Simple hot and cold water inlets are used to quickly fill the washer without fill level overshoot (machines with multiple valves can overfill a machine by overshooting the programmed level which wastes water). A third water inlet is used to thoroughly dilute chemicals so that raw chemical does not directly contact and damage linens.

Save Labor

Milnor washer-extractors provide multiple ways to save on your labor costs and improve employee efficiency. With a proper basket design to increase the Mechanical Action Factor and clean towels and linen the first wash, and a large open area for maximum water extraction, your front desk staff will not spend their time on costly rewashes. Milnor’s line of T-Series washer-extractors offer a larger cylinder volume than most competitive sized washer-extractors which provides greater productivity. The result is more linen washed per day, or fewer hours required to process the linen. Our high performance dryers with outstanding airflow ensure towels are dried quickly, eliminating dryer holds.

Save on Linen Replacement Costs

Milnor’s T-Series washer-extractors can help you extend linen life with safe chemical injection. Chemicals are injected in the rear of the machine (unlike certain brands where chemicals are injected near the front of the machine at eye-level). Chemicals are diluted and flushed into the sump of the washer-extractor so that raw chemical does not come in direct contact with the linen or the stainless steel.

Save Energy

A T-series washer-extractor can help to reduce your utility bills with a simple single-motor inverter drive which reaches maximum extraction speed more gradually and efficiently, reducing peak electricity amperage draw compared to multi-speed motor machines. Also, Milnor’s bigger cylinder perforations provide better wash quality by promoting excellent interchange of the goods with water and chemistry; better rinsing by allowing rinse water to freely interact with the goods; and better extraction by allowing water to escape from goods easily and quickly. All components work together to ensure fewer costly rewashes and less drying time.

Save Money (Total Cost of Ownership)

There are many features designed into a Milnor V-Series washer-extractor to reduce the total cost of ownership – saving you money for years AFTER your initial investment:

  • Rugged, Proven Frame
  • L10 Life
  • Bearings
  • Support Worldwide
  • Long Machine Life
  • Feature Rich Machine


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