Pellerin Milnor Corporation

Soft Contents Restoration

Cleaning soft contents is a vital part of the disaster restoration process. Quickly and carefully processing contents improves claim process times and can broaden the profile — and revenue potential — of any restoration contractor.

Soft contents restorers must reliably clean any type of damage — smoke, sewer and Category 1, 2, or 3 water. Essential functions of a soft contents processing system are sanitization, deodorization, preservation and finishing.

Save Resources

Some processes for restoring soft contents waste time, utilities and can result in high costs, either through excessive labor use or inefficient technology. Milnor’s industry-leading machinery provides advanced technology in an easy-to-use format.

The cleaning processor with MilTouch™ control can store hundreds of formulas which can provide reliable, deep cleaning of soft contents. Milnor’s dehumidifying finisher has several unique features, including a moisture sensor which carefully restores soft contents while preparing them for return to the owners.

Milnor equipment reliably handles a wide variety of soft contents while keeping costs-to-process low and saving money.

Save Soft Contents

Recent surveys indicate that 90% of people want their personal items returned after an insurance claim, not replaced. A Milnor soft contents processing system can help make that happen. Restoring soft contents is also more environmentally-sensitive than replacing them.

For nearly 70 years, Milnor has successfully engineered a variety of solutions for high-challenge cleaning environments around the globe.

From high-production facilities handling thousands of pounds per hour to special applications processing delicates, heavily-soiled or biohazardous goods — Milnor is there. And, Milnor has done this while providing machinery that is reliable and easy-to-operate. Using proven, accepted principles of cleaning, Milnor machinery delivers high finished results while efficiently using time, chemistry and utilities.

Grow Your Business

A soft contents restoration program can bring additional business volume to any contractor — and the Milnor system comes with multi-point support. Everything from personal training to specifically-designed chemistries and cleaning formulas to certification programs are available.

The machinery also has technical and parts support around the globe. These resources — when combined with the equipment’s superior technology — allow Milnor soft contents processors to deliver high finished results at a fraction of the processing costs required by other systems.