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2023 Top Dealers Announed

Since its founding, Pellerin Milnor’s worldwide dealer network has been a cornerstone of the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service. Milnor proudly recognizes Pellerin Laundry Machinery as the top performer in Milnor machinery sales for 2023.  This outstanding accomplishment highlights Pellerin’s commitment to customer satisfaction in the laundry industry.


Milnor's Applications Engineering Department

Meet our Applications Engineering Team! Pictured back to front, left to right: Jacob Fleming, Tiffany Thibodeaux, Nicholas Williams, Bryton Hebert, and Damian Manning (AED Supervisor).


Milnor Announces Brock Pellerin as Vice President

Brock Pellerin, fourth-generation member of the Pellerin Family serving the laundry industry, has been promoted to Vice President, effective immediately. His responsibilities as Vice President include fostering system sales throughout Milnor’s dealer network, and his goal is to utilize his knowledge and expertise to continue growing sales of Milnor equipment in North America.


2021 Top Dealers Announced

“Pellerin Laundry Machinery Sales Company had a tremendous level of sales activity for 2021,” said Rick Kelly, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Pellerin Milnor Corporation. “Their success in finishing as Milnor’s 2021 top dealer was achieved through their continuing commitment to fostering customer-relationships and product solutions of our industry-leading products.”


Milnor Announces New VP of Strategic Accounts

With over 35 years of industry experience in creating cost effective and innovative solutions for linen, uniform, healthcare and hospitality operators, Terry’s extensive knowledge and technical background will assist national account customers increase plant growth, efficiency and profitability.


Milnor Employee Relief Fund

Unfortunately, a number of our employees suffered significant damage to their homes. We received calls expressing interest in helping out Milnor employees during this time. A Milnor Employee Relief Fund is now available for deposits by anyone interested in helping.


2020 Top Dealers Announced

Despite the many hardships faced over the last year, Milnor’s dealer network successfully rose to the challenge of safely providing sales and service support to their customers.


2019 Top Dealers Announced

For more than 70 years, Pellerin Milnor's dealer network has provided sales and service support to Milnor customers around the world. TLC TriState Laundry Companies, headquartered in Valdosta, GA, was awarded First Place for machinery sales amongst Milnor's worldwide distributor network in 2019.


OPL Trade-In Rebate

Milnor's trade-in rebate program rewards any customer who trades in their Milnor washer with 30 years or more of service for new Milnor replacements with a $300 check for each old machine.


Pellerin Milnor announces promotions

Long-term employees Ken Gaulter and Gary Lazarre were recently promoted to vice presidents.


Milnor Applications Engineering Department Manager Mike Diedling Retires

Mike Diedling, a 40-year Milnor veteran, retired from the company in January. Mr. James W. Pellerin, President and CEO of Milnor, attributes Mike as an integral part of Milnor’s success in laundry systems, stating, “His experience and talents found ample opportunity for productive expression. His insights and recommendations were relied upon by two generations of Milnor dealers worldwide.”


Milnor Regional Sales Manager Sam Kielman Retires

"Sam's knowledge and experience has been invaluable in the area of sales and strong customer relationships," says Rick Kelly, Pellerin Milnor Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "We are grateful for his service to Milnor and we wish Sam and his wife Carol all the best in his well-deserved retirement."


Milnor Capital Disaster Relief Program

Milnor Capital is now offering the Disaster Relief Program in the hope that this small measure will make a difference to all those whose businesses were affected by the recent storms.


James W. Pellerin Named Maglin/Biggie Award Winner

James W. Pellerin, president of Pellerin Milnor Corporation., Kenner, LA, has been selected by the TRSA Associate Executive Committee for the association's highest award for a supplier member, the Maglin/Biggie TRSA Lifetime Achievement Award.


Premier Series Dryers

The Premier Series is available in three sizes, including the 50 lb (23 kg) capacity M-50p, 80 lb (36 kg) capacity M-80p, and 120 lb (54 kg) capacity M-120p. All three models are offered in gas, steam, or electric heat.


Milnor Laundry Systems Marketing Director Dick Albers Retires

"Dick's knowledge of laundries and tunnel washing is truly unmatched in our industry," said Rick Kelly, Pellerin Milnor Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "We are grateful for his dedication and innumerable contributions to our customers and Milnor."


Milnor Regional Sales Manager John Rasimas Retires

“John is truly a professional and worked tirelessly for our customers and dealers,” said Rick Kelly, Pellerin Milnor Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We are grateful for his service to Milnor and we wish John and his family all the best in his well-deserved retirement.”


Sue Rose Wright Pellerin

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sue Rose Wright Pellerin, wife of Pellerin Milnor Corporation co-founder, Norvin Leroy Pellerin, on Friday, October 23rd, 2015. Mrs. Pellerin was the former Pellerin Milnor Corporation First Secretary and Treasurer. She was 84 years old.


M-Series Washer-Extractor Brochure Now Available

The brochure details the unique features of the M-Series including: the innovative SmoothCoil™ suspension system, 21° two-way tilting for efficient loading and unloading, intelligent bearing design, and intuitive MilTouch-EX™ touchscreen control.


NEW 400G 30022 VZZ Now Available

Pellerin Milnor introduced the next generation of V-Series washer-extractors at CLEAN ’15 in Atlanta. The 400 G 30022 VZZ (60 lb. capacity) rigid-mount washer-extractor has many exclusive features including: highly programmable MilTouch™ touchscreen control, RinSave® water saver standard, continuously welded H-frame that fits through a 3’-0” door, and stainless steel skirting standard.


72046 M5K Introduced at CLEAN '15

Pellerin Milnor Corporation introduced the latest large open-pocket washer-extractor at Clean 2015 this month. The 72046 M5K washer-extractor (600-700lb. capacity) incorporates a stationary housing and tilting interior cylinder, providing optimal structural integrity without compromising wash quality.


CLEAN '15 Sales Awards Distributed

Top sales awards were presented to Milnor dealers on Friday, April 17th by James W. Pellerin, President of Pellerin Milnor Corporation, during Clean ’15 in Atlanta.


The Grand America

The Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City, UT renovated its on-site laundry in March of 2023 to include PulseFlow® technology. Now, the laundry sees savings in water, sewer and gas as well as an increase in efficiency and productivity.


Linen King: Treating Customers Like Royalty

"We are focused on doing one thing and it properly - providing unparalleled healthcare laundry service - when we do that, everything else takes care of itself," Linen King CEO Leonard McCullough said.


Eggleston Laundry Services

Eggleston Laundry Services is part of a non-profit agency that provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In 2019, the laundry upgraded their 1986 CBW® tunnel with a brand new PulseFlow® technology system. With the help of authorized dealer TLC TriState Laundry Services and Milnor's Applications Engineering team, Eggleston was able to remove the old equipment and install the new system while maintaining full operation of their remaining batch washers and dryers.


Sawtooth Dairy Specialties

Sawtooth Dairy Specialties, located in Jerome, Idaho, operates a centralized laundry service for 90 dairies in their surrounding region. The team needed equipment that would offer efficient washing and savings while operating in a dairy farm environment. Together with Cameron Owens of authorized Milnor dealer Mendenhall Equipment, the team devised a successful plan that allows them to process nearly nine million pounds of 12x12 terry washcloths per year.


Gallia Laundry

In April of 2019, Milnor completed the first large PulseFlow tunnel washer installation in the French market. A brand-new 12-module 76039 PBW 68 kg (150 lb.) is now up and running at Gallia laundry in Chartres. Thanks to the state-of-the-art PulseFlow technology, the laundry has gained efficiency in laundry processing by increasing the amount of linen processed, while benefiting from shorter process times and water savings.


Bidvest Laundry Group

Cape Town, South Africa - Bidvest Laundry Group worked alongside Milnor International to replace a 20-year old Milnor CBW® tunnel with a new eight-module PulseFlow® batch washer, helping the laundry group curb water usage after significant water restrictions were implemented across the city.


Hampton Inn & Suites - Bulleton

Paul Maag, Development and Construction Consultant, notes, "It was extremely important to have representation from an experienced distributor in the early stages of the project. (Western State Design salesman Michael Ambrose's) expertise allowed for some early significant changes in the equipment mix and set-up that made sense not only from an operational perspective but an ownership's long-term goals."


Clemens Uniform

"When I walked in the A-1 Service Laundry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and saw an overhead sling automatically loading walk-off mats directly into a Milnor 450 lb open-pocket washer extractor, I was sold!" Randy Clemens, General Manager of Clemens Uniform stated. He also commented that "No other manufacturer was able to demonstrate this feature that included the integrated automatic overhead chute loading door."


Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service

Over the last year, Ecotex-Kelowna has operated 10 hours per day, seven days per week and processes 18 million pounds (8,164,663 kg) per year. The 100 full-time employees provide off-site laundry services, onsite laundry distribution at acute care hospitals, and operate the regional distribution services. "The Milnor system has been operating for one year now and has achieved nearly 100% uptime," says Bryan Bartsch, Vice President of Group Operations at Ecotex-Kelowna. "Our authorized Milnor dealer, Nicholson Mechanical, delivered the project on time and on budget and provided just the right solution for Ecotex."


Résimont Laundry - Meeting Growing Expectations

By adding a Milnor PulseFlow batch washer to this laundry, productivity has increased significantly. "The Résimont Laundry has gained efficiency in laundry processing by both increasing the amount of linen processed and reducing operating cost, including water, energy, chemicals and the overall labor required to load/unload washer-extractors," says Steve Bosteels, operations manager of Mench.


Florida Hospital Laundry

While up to 42 bag drops per hour/tunnel has previously been deemed impossible to accomplish regularly, Milnor's efficient system allows Florida Hospital Laundry to achieve it consistently. Maximizing the CBW washers to capacity, Sadlier notes that operation at Florida Hospital averages 106% efficiency compared to last year's 92%.


Dilution is the Solution

Washing happens by dilution, aided by time, temperature, chemical and mechanical action. Milnor's True Top Transfer tunnels efficiently use water to provide maximum dilution, thus maximizing the effectiveness of washing and rinsing.


Central Linen Park and Milnor: Exceeding Expectations

"Water availability and the subsequent effluent disposal," notes Mr. Ruia, "is critical but not very easy in India." He credits Central Linen Park's efficiency to Milnor's PulseFlow technology, noting that since the installation, water consumption has drastically reduced from 16l/kg to 3l/kg.


Superior Laundry and Milnor: Strong Partnerships Create Unexpected Opportunities

“It’s more than a working relationship; there’s respect there. It’s Dalex’s extra touch that they have that makes me feel like I’m definitely with the right company.” It was this confidence in Milnor and Dalex that gave John the reassurance to reopen Superior Laundry Service only six months after the fire demolished it.


Maruwa and Milnor: Tradition and Innovation Prove for Successful Partnership

“Our new PBW tunnel uses far less water, electricity, and steam, than our other batch washers. These utility savings and increased productivity have allowed us to purchase two new Milnor PulseFlow tunnels (8-module and 12-module), which will be installed this October. Thanks to Milnor and PulseFlow Technology, this welcome addition to our facility will ensure prosperity and workers’ morale for years to come.


Jackson Services: Four Generations Working for the Future

One major piece of equipment the Jacksons chose not to upgrade was their 1996 G2 Milnor CBW® tunnel. President Jesse Jackson explains, “Milnor equipment produces excellent product quality and lasts for a very long time. So long, in fact, that it creates challenges for their own people to integrate their old equipment with their new equipment. The 20-year old Milnor equipment in our plant is still just working so well, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to replace it yet.”


Partners in Planning: Ott and Milnor

“When it comes to our partners and the equipment we work with, we use three keywords that are very important for us: quality, reliability and loyalty. That's why Milnor and Ott Waeschereitechnik as the German Dealer have been a good match for us for generations.” Mr. Jan Kuntze says.


Arrow Linen: Targeting Productivity and Profits

Pellerin Milnor has 200 PBW™ tunnels operating throughout the world and the Maglioccos had been aware of the ongoing successes of Milnor’s PulseFlow® Technology since 2009. So they asked authorized Milnor distributor Direct Machinery’s Ron Hirsch for his help in installing PulseFlow® tunnels at their newly refurbished plant. Now Arrow, with its twin PBW tunnels, joins the growing list of rental/food and beverage (F&B) laundries that process heavily-soiled linen with minimal fresh water consumption and still produce excellent wash quality.


AlRahden Zamzam: Achieving high standards while using very little water

Water is a scarce resource in Saudi Arabia so AlRahden Laundry, the country’s largest provider of textile care services, chose Milnor and its water-saving PulseFlow® Technology when it opened its Zamzam (Oasis) plant, the first of several planned industrial laundries that would specialise in hospitality work


LA Commercial Laundry: Family Owned Business Grows with Milnor

Keith Galloway said, “We looked at all of the foreign competitors and it came down to the fact that we felt that no one could provide the level of service and support that Pellerin could. Simply put – they are open, when we are open.”


Marberry Laundry Adds Tunnel Washer, Loses One Shift!

According to John Jr., Marberry’s future plans with Milnor and Equipment International are to “continue to use Milnor for our tunnel needs and potentially for our automated equipment needs in production.” He assured, “The Milnor Tunnel is as advertised”.


South Texas Laundromat Off to a Fast Start

“We’re already at 2/3rds of our monthly revenue goal in just the first month,” Rick said. “We haven’t even done any advertising or marketing because our focus was on getting the store open and ready for customers."


Crothall Manteca's state-of-the-art laundry facility now open

The new plant will save approximately 40 million gallons of water annually. This is very important due to the severe drought being experienced in California. Additionally, the natural gas consumption will be substantially reduced with the high efficiency water heating/reclamation system and dryers.


PulseFlow® Technology in Columbia, MS—A Crowning Achievement

“With the PulseFlow CBW’s, our plant-wide water consumption is less than 0.5 gal/lb. (4.5 L/kg),” claims Rick Hamlin, Chief Operating Officer for Crown Health Care, Inc. “We are very satisfied with the quality and performance we are getting out of our PulseFlow CBW system.”


LSG's PulseFlow® installation is the first in Italy

In April this year, Milnor completed the first PulseFlow tunnel washer installation in the Italian market.


Factory Improvements

This past summer, the Milnor in-house maintenance department installed a brand new, state-of-the-art parts washer and metal prep unit in the factory. Fully designed, built and installed by the Milnor team, the system chemically prepares production parts prior to the application of powder paint coatings. The new unit offers greater efficiencies, including the reduction of overall water consumption and a single wash station that reduces our environmental footprint.


Clean '19


Synergy 2018

North American dealers for the Synergy group recently gathered in Louisville, KY for a week of sales training, including reviewing product lines and listening to guest speaker Steve McClatchy. Milnor and Chicago also distributed awards for outstanding sales in 2017.


Visit Milnor at Clean™ 2017

Milnor will display the latest in commercial laundry equipment in booth #3131 at the Clean™ Show in Las Vegas, NV on June 5-8, 2017.



The biennial laundry industry exhibition will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from April 16-19, 2015. This show is the largest in the industry (with over 10,000 professionals from around the world) where the latest innovations and technologies from laundry manufacturers and vendors are unveiled.


Synergy VIII Held in Nashville, TN

The biennial sales meeting provided the manufacturers and dealers a valuable opportunity to review product lines, discuss the laundry industry’s innovations in labor, water, and utility savings, as well as distribute awards for outstanding sales. Synergy attendees toured the hotel’s on-premises laundry, which employs Milnor PulseFlow® Technology and a pair of Chicago ironers.


Milnor to exhibit at Detergo Milan in October 2014

Milnor International bvba will exhibit new machinery at the Detergo stand (Hall 2 - Booth V21-Z30) October 3-6 in Milan, Italy.


Texcare Asia 2013

CSM offered a comprehensive overview of its strategy arising from the new company motto “Texcare solutions that work for you” to a receiving crowd of commercial laundry professionals and was pleased with the excellent customer response in Texcare Asia 2013.


Milnor Open House Before CLEAN 2013

Pellerin Milnor will host an open house with factory tours throughout the day on Wednesday, June 19th. Visitors will be guided through all stages of production - cutting raw sheet metal with laser cutters to final paint and shipping.


Synergy VII Held in St. Louis

Synergy VII, the biennial manufacturer/dealer educational conference sponsored by Pellerin Milnor Corporation and Chicago Dryer Company was held at the Sheraton Clayton in suburban St. Louis.