Pellerin Milnor Corporation

M-Series Washer-Extractor Brochure Now Available

Pellerin Milnor Corporation has released the M-Series Washer-Extractors brochure, which highlights the 48040 M7K (42 cu. Ft.), 68036 M5K (75.6 cu. Ft.), and 72046 M5K (108.4 cu. Ft.).

The brochure details the unique features of the M-Series including: the innovative SmoothCoil™ suspension system, 21° two-way tilting for efficient loading and unloading, intelligent bearing design, and intuitive MilTouch-EX™ touchscreen control.

The M-Series washer-extractors also feature an optional integrated load chute door for automated washer-extractor systems.

For more information on these highly productive washer-extractors, call 504-712-7656 or email [email protected].


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