Pellerin Milnor Corporation

OPL Trade-In Rebate

The Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers, WI has built a reputation for delivering a great stay to guests seeking a unique, high-quality hotel in a beautiful area.

Located on the Lake Michigan shore, the Lighthouse Inn developed its reputation by sticking to time-proven hospitality standards throughout the hotel and its onsite restaurant. This includes careful back-of-the-house operations like the laundry where the property used the same Milnor washer-extractor since 1974. When it was time to upgrade, Jeff and Laura Werner were able to take advantage of Milnor's trade-in rebate program for new equipment and get industry-leading technology in the process.

"We have always been hands-on operators," said Laura Werner. "Getting great value from our property and its equipment is one part of our long-term strategy to delivering exceptional guest experiences."

Milnor's rebate program rewards any customer who trades in their Milnor washer with 30 years or more of service for new Milnor replacements with a $300 check for each old machine.

"Milnor laundry equipment has a legendary reputation for durability and this program allows our long-time customers to transition easily to our new, more-modern units," according to Rick Kelly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pellerin Milnor Corporation. Kelly added that Milnor has processed rebates for 280 vintage machines since the program's inception in 2003, totaling $84,000 in customer cash payments.

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