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Sawtooth Dairy Specialties

Jerome, Idaho - Sawtooth Dairy Specialties was originally founded by Charlie and Tom Hohnhorst in May of 1999 as a solution to the area's need for a centralized laundry service provider capable of processing dairy wipes. Milking specialists recommend using one dairy wipe per cow per milking - and with dairies in the area ranging from 250 to thousands of cows, a centralized laundry was a necessity.

The father/son duo transformed an old barn into the facility they desperately needed - utilizing previously owned laundry equipment to service the surrounding region. Their specialty in processing dairy wipes, combined with excellent customer service, allowed the company to grow with each passing year until they eventually outgrew the 2,800 sq. ft. barn in 2013.

To meet their increasing demand, the Hohnhorsts' began construction on a new 6,000 sq. ft. laundry. The team needed equipment that would offer efficient washing, great extraction, and less drying time while operating in a dairy farm environment. Thus, they worked with Cameron Owens, salesman for authorized Milnor dealer Mendenhall Equipment, to fill their new space entirely with Milnor machines. The laundry, now owned and operated by Tom Hohnhorst and Martin Sandoval, currently processes nearly 168,000 pounds per week (nine million pounds per year) of 12x12 terry washcloths.

The washcloths are transported to Sawtooth Dairy daily via four box vans from over 90 dairies in the surrounding region. The washcloths are then processed by thirteen Milnor washer-extractors (six rigid-mount machines ranging from 95-140 lb. capacity and seven soft-mount machines ranging from 110-450 lb. capacity), and eleven comparable Milnor dryers (ranging from 170-460 lb. capacity).

Milnor machines are engineered to provide excellent wash quality while offering savings in water, energy, linen replacement costs and total cost of ownership. One of Sawtooth Dairy's most recent additions, an MWF63J7 washer-extractor, is equipped with the exclusive RinSave water saving technology. The RinSave feature allows the basket to reach a precise G-force that "slings" the wash liquor out of the goods after a wash step, saving up to two rinses per load and fill/rinse time. - contributing to overall savings and fewer rewashes.

This feature rich machine also includes a safe chemical injection system that ensures raw chemical does not come in direct contact with the dairy wipes, a single-motor inverter drive that reaches maximum extraction speed more gradually and efficiently, and tapered roller bearings fixed in the same housing, that spread the force and prevent damaging misalignment. Additionally, the EP Plus Microprocessor control, which is equipped with 30 preprogrammed formulas, allows the team at Sawtooth Dairy advanced flexibility. With universal temperature control, programmable cool-down and programmable bath and overnight soak, the two-line display promotes increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Additional benefits that come not only with the MWF63J7 but all Milnor machines include superior basket design that provides excellent Mechanical Action Factor, legendary durability to extend the life of the machine, and a worldwide network of full service dealers.

The team at Sawtooth Dairy runs their laundry with inspiration from the motto, "Never be second best." Their innovative thinking to provide a much-needed solution in their area, partnership with Mendenhall Equipment, and proven success washing with Milnor machines will help them continue to fulfill their goal for time to come.


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