Pellerin Milnor Corporation

72046 M5K Introduced at CLEAN '15

Pellerin Milnor Corporation introduced the latest large open-pocket washer-extractor at Clean 2015 in Atlanta.

The 72046 M5K washer-extractor (600-700 lb. capacity) has active balancing, which is ideal for hard-to-balance loads (like walk-off mats).

The two-way tilt single pivot point provides optimal load and discharge heights. This 300 G washer-extractor features Milnor’s infinitely programmable MilTouch-EX™ controller and 16 liquid supply ports, both of which allow for more flexibility.

The 72046 M5K’s high ribs and large perforated open area maximize M.A.F. (Mechanical Action Factor) and dilution. Patented bearing housing design provides quadruple protection from water and debris intrusion—another smart Milnor advantage!

For more information on Milnor’s 72046 M5K, please visit, email [email protected]">[email protected] or call 504-712-7656.


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