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Safety Notices – Coin Operated Machines

These Milnor latch handle models are coin-operated machines that were manufactured before 1976. These machines featured a single wash formula that activated when the appropriate amount of change was deposited into the coin slot.

During decades of use, it is possible that the interlock system and its components have been improperly adjusted or subjected to abuse. If the interlock system is not working properly, someone can be severely injured if they open the machine while it is operating. You should immediately test your machine to make sure it is safe before you allow it to continue to be used.

You can locate the model number and serial number of the machine by looking on the nameplate attached to the rear of the machine.

Milnor wants to send you free safety instructions that contain detailed guidelines on how to perform a safety test on the door interlock and how to adjust the door if it fails the test. These instructions are available by clicking the link below.

If you can open a machine while it is operating and the cylinder does not stop immediately, take the machine out of service now until these adjustments can be made.

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