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Motor Brakes

Brakes are used on cake moving conveyors to quickly stop the conveyor when the contactor opens. This minimizes the coasting distance the belt travels and thus the cake would move past the desired stop point.

These brake units have wearable parts that need to be maintained.
The brake parts that Milnor stocks include the Friction Disc (this part will wear over time), and the coil that must energize to release the brake.

The Coil can be replaced and is a repair part.

The Friction Disc can be replaced and is a wear part. Friction Discs will also wear over time and thus the brake may need adjustment to maintain the proper stopping distance of the conveyor belt.

The first generation of brakes was the 55000 series brake, which was superceded by the 56000 series brake (currently used in Milnor applications). Parts are still available for both brake series. When the time comes that there will no longer be parts available for the 55000 series brake, the Friction Discs of the 56000 series can be used in the 55000 series brake after the shaft collar has been changed.

The attached Vendor Manuals include the documentation for both the 55000 series and the 56000 series. The manuals describe proper maintenance of the disc (for example the discs are allowed to wear to 1/2 their nominal thickness or .093" before they are replaced). It discusses that as the friction discs wear, the brake will have to be adjusted and how to do it. It discusses how to replace the solenoid coil.

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