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Nomex Flap Seal

6458 Nomex flap seal
Dryer load end flap seal for 64058 Dryers
February 22, 2005


We have a number of reported cases where goods have been migrating past the front flap seal in the dryer and ultimately getting entangled in a guide roller or possibly sucked up into the main blower.

As we look as the grey rubber seal which we used for the past 4 years, we see the gap between the stationery ring on the shell front could be up to 1/8" and thus some goods can sneak past this gap.

We tried a number of things to help keep goods out of this gap including overlaying the rubber flap seal with a piece of Teflon in an attempt to barricade the gap. Most attempts at a solution were unsuccessful until recently when we installed a Nomex flap seal over this gap. The Nomex flap seal replaces the grey rubber seal which was previously installed. This new seal has the ability to flex into the stationery ring and to seal this gap between the seal and the stationery ring. The seal is "flexible enough" to bridge this gap, where the previous grey rubber seal was reinforced and could not expand to the stationery ring.

The new Nomex seals will be sent as a substitute for the grey rubber seal as spare parts are ordered.

If substantial problems are witnessed with goods passing the grey seal, the user may wish to check the integrity of the seal. We've found a few dryers in the field with a tear in the grey seal - which is in indicative of normal wear - and this will exacerbate problems with goods migrating past the seal. If worn in this manner, the seal needs to be replaced with the new Nomex seal.

If you have any questions, please contact MILNOR Tech Support at or myself at or 504-712-7715.

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