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Door Not Unlocking

Door not unlocking on EP Plus "V" machines
This applies to all EP Plus machines produced with the normally closed option (June 16, 2014 or later) in machine configuration, or anu machine thath has had new EPROM installed with a processor board replacement.
Recently there has been a rumor that there is a bug in the software in the EP Plus software, that keeps the door from opening at the end of the cycle.
I talked to Larry B. and he explained that there is a change in how the door unlock command is generated as a result of the addition of the optional Normally Closed drain valve selection. The change is the water level must be 4" lower than the lowest level programmed to activate the door unlock (K17) relay. This is to prevent the door from being opened with a large amount of water in the cylinder.
If the low water level is set lower than 5 inches or if the tap off set is too high, the door will not unlock.
This change was implemented with WUV7J1B ver. 2300V and WUH7JA ver. 22013.

DAD 11/21/2014
Last updated: 12/10/2014 / Node ID: 2149 / Key Chain: 12.1.11E.865.