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Data Transfer

Transfer data from Miltron to Mildata for Windows NT systems
** Download data from Miltron to Data Storage Device (Black Box) before starting the following procedure).
1) Switch all Dryers to Local on the Dryer Bell Boxes.
2) Go to Mildata.
3) Turn off Online Communicator on Mildata.
4) Open the DOS command window
5) At the C prompt (C:>), type "cd MilnorCBW" and press "Enter".
6) At the "C:/MILNOR/CBW>" prompt, type "forcedos CBW" and press "Enter".
7) This will open up the CBW Programmer. Click on the top left square in the window to maximize the window. Press any key to open the programmer.
8) Use the arrow keys (on the keyboard) to highlight the "Config-Download" column.
9) Use the arrow keys to highlight "UPLOAD MEMORY".
10) Press "Enter" with "UPLOAD MEMORY" highlighted.
11) Select the machine that you want to upload from the list at the bottom of the screen. Press the function key F2.
12) Press "Y" to overwrite the current memory, and the press "Enter".
13) The Mildata screen will now say "Waiting for Master".
14) Go to the Miltron.
15) Press Ctrl - K
16) Turn OFF the Miltron power. Switch the MTA plugs MTA 29 and MTA 34. Before switching these plugs, it may be beneficial to mark the plugs or wires so that these plugs will not be mixed up at a later time. These MTA plugs are located on the right-hand side of the processor board which is located in the bottom of the Miltron cabinet. Turn ON Miltron power.
17) Press Ctrl - T.
18) Press Escape.
19) Enter the Password.
20) Press Escape.
21) Press Escape.
22) Turn program key on Miltron.
23) Press the "Line Feed" key on Miltron to advance cursor to "Data Storage Options"
24) Press Return
25) Make sure that the cursor is on "Interrogate Data Storage Device" and press "Return". The Data Storage
Device is properly connected to the Miltron, the "Xfer Status" on the bottom of the Miltron screen will
read "Data Device Rdy". If this message is not displayed, do not continue until connections are checked and the proper message is displayed.
26) Press "Line Feed" until cursor is highlighting "Upload to Data Storage Device".
27) Press Return
28) When the upload is complete, the "Xfer Status" on the bottom of the Miltron screen will read "Upload Complete". (If any other message is displayed, then an error has occurred and the upload was not successful).
29) Press Escape until you have returned to the Main Screen of the Miltron.
33) Turn key on Miltron to run position.
30) Turn OFF Miltron power. Switch the MTA plugs MTA 29 and MTA 34 back to their original positions. Turn ON Miltron power.
31) Press Ctrl - D on the Miltron to restart the CBW.
32) Go to the Mildata computer.
33) Use arrow keys to highlight the Group where you want the data to go to (Status should be blank). Press "Enter".
34) Press "Y" to assign the information to the selected group. Press "Enter".
35) After the CBW Programmer is finished storing the data, select Exit from the CBW Programmer Main Menu and press Enter. Select "Y" to exit the CBW Programmer.
36) Close the DOS Full Screen Window by typing "exit" and then pressing "Enter", or by Clicking the square

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