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View Mentor Or Dryer

You can view and program Mentor (CBW's) or Dryer Programmer (Dryer's) from the Mildata PC. In order to do this you must have Mentor or the Dryer Programmer loaded on the Mildata PC.
If you change the software on a Mentor, you must change the software on the Mildata. This is also true with Dryer Programmers. If you add a subsequent CBW system to an existing wash floor, you must ensure that all Mentors have the same software version and the Mildata PC. Again this is true with a Dryer. If you add a dryer with a newer EPROM, you would need to update all dryer EPROM's to the same version and make sure that the Dryer Programmer corresponds to that EPROM version.

If you have any questions please contact Milnor Service Department at or 504-712-7780.

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