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Fault Codes

Inverter Error Messages

There are faults that will shut the inverter down. The inverter must be reset before it will run again.
There are alarms that will alert you to a condition that could lead to a fault.
There are programming faults that will alert you to inconsistencies in the programming.

On the web site there are some fault codes that you may see on the inverter. The list is not all inclusive. There are some obscure fault codes that are not listed on the website that could still occur. Check your inverter manual for a complete listing of Inverter Fault Codes.

The inverter will also maintain a history of the most recent fault codes the inverter has received. See the attached documents for some of the different inverter types used on the Milnor machines.
To restart a drive following a fault: Clear the fault condition and then press the "RESET" key of the Digital Operator. You can shut the Drive power off and on to clear a fault condition as well.

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